Warranty & Repair Guide

Mobile Station will meet our obligations under the consumer guarantees act.

All brand new Samsung phones will be provided a 24-Month warranty, and all other electronic products with an IMEI/Serial Number carry a 12 Month Warranty. Accessories, including Batteries, Chargers, Headsets, Cables, and Memory Cards carry a 3 Month Warranty. Warranty periods include the date of purchase.

Extended Warranty 

On top of our standard 12 Month Warranty, additional years of Extended Warranty may be purchased to lengthen the warranty period. Regular Warranty conditions also apply to the Extended Warranty. Extended Warranty must be purchased with products.

Repair process

 All warranties are return-to-base; faulty products should be returned to our stores with a copy of the original receipt. An original Mobile Station Receipt will be recognized as proof of purchase. Faulty units will be logged in for service and a job number will be provided. Items to be serviced will be sent to an independent service agent for assessment. (Please note that repair technicians only work from Monday to Friday, and no repairs can be serviced on weekends.)


 All items will be repaired if possible and repairs carry a 30 Day Warranty on specific work done regardless of warranty status. Should repairs not be possible after 3 - 8 weeks, a unit of similar specifications will be offered as a replacement. Accepted replacements carry the warranty of the original purchase.


The assessment and repair process may take 5-15 working days, subject to the availability of parts and technicians.

Please notice the Service parts or Replacement products are new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

Assessment Bond

A $55.00 Assessment Bond is required to book an item in for service under warranty conditions.

-The Assessment Bond is refundable if warranty conditions are applicable to the device AND at least one fault was found. 

-The Assessment Bond is NOT refundable if the device fails to meet warranty conditions OR if no fault was found.


Warranty Applicability

Warranty conditions ARE applicable if:

-The device is within the warranty period; AND

-The device has failed due to faulty parts within the warranty period; AND

-The device fault is covered under warranty; AND

-The device and its accessories have been handled properly for their intended use, in accordance with the operating instructions.


Within the warranty period, if the phone has any mechanical malfunctions, we will provide repairs. A replacement will be offered if we are unable to repair the phone. A refund will be only provided if we could not repair the phone or offer a replacement. Our warranties will be covered by our own service department when possible.

To return a phone, the customer needs to cover his/her postage and we will cover ours. However, if there are no mechanical malfunctions or personal damages found in the phone or phone accessories, the customer will need to cover postage for both. A faulty item must be returned within 7 days upon a mutual agreement of return by both parties.


All postage is Not Refundable 

Warranty conditions may NOT be applicable and the device may NOT be repairable if:

-The device is outside the warranty period; OR

-The device fault is not covered under warranty; OR

-There is evidence of repair or tampering by an unauthorized person.


Faults not covered under warranty include but are not limited to:

-All User Caused Damages including but not limited to:

       -Liquid/moisture damage;

       -Physical/impact damage;

       -Power surge damage;

       -Rough handling, unreasonable use or exposure to harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and excessive dust;

-Faults caused by the use of non-original accessories;

-Faults caused by system modification including but not limited to: rooting, jailbreaking and installation of custom ROMs;

-Faults caused by third-party applications;

-Faults due to normal wear and tear of the device.


Liquid/moisture damage

Liquid damage refers to any signs of corrosion that may be present in the device, on a printed circuit board, component, or user interface. In some cases, the liquid damage may not be visible to the naked eye but can be detected with the use of a professional microscope. Liquid damage causes "latent damage" to the circuitry, meaning that although the device may appear to be operational, there is internal degradation to the circuitry which may result in a later failure.


Please attention: 




Possible causes of liquid/moisture damage may include:

-Rain exposure

-Immersion in liquid

-Exposure to excessive perspiration

-Exposure to steam/excessive humidity

-Condensation (When moving from a cool or air-conditioned environment into a warmer, humid environment).


Data Loss Warning for Electronic Device Repairs 

Although Mobile Station endeavors to keep the integrity of electronic data upon request, all electronic devices may irrecoverably lose some or all user software settings and data in the process of assessment and/or repair. It is the customer’s responsibility to back up data prior to booking in the device for assessment.

Mobile Station and independent service agents take no responsibility for data loss during the assessment and/or repair or for consequential personal or business loss including but not limited to: goodwill wasted expenditure.


Unclaimed Repairs

All products not claimed within 2 months of being advised (by phone, text, or email) will become the property of the repairer and processed at the repairer’s discretion.